Limited Edition Navy Glitch BJJ Gi

Limited edition BJJ GI with light cotton ripstop pants and light weight 375gsm pearl weave jacket. It’s double pre-shrunk to avoid shrinkage.
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Lightweight (A3 1.5kg)
Double pre-shrunk
Lightweight (A3 1.5kg)



Glitch" our new new limited edition Navy Competitor Gi

Macaco Branco has been the go-to equipper since 2012. But now our high-quality Gis have been made available everywhere.

Our latest addition is our Competitor Gi, which we have found to be the most comfortable Brazilian Jiujitsu kimono we have ever made. With grey details, this one is sleek and stylish while still having those nice details showing the workmanship gone into it.

Our Competitor suits are all double preshrunk to avoid shrinkage. Remember to still take good care of them by washing in 30c and line drying them. Do not tumble dry.