Ripstop or Cotton canvas

Choosing your Gi but don’t know which is better material for BJJ GI pants, cotton canvas or ripstop? Here is a short explanation of the differences based on our experience. Ripstop Ripstop is made of 100% cotton, same as cotton canvas. It’s generally used in three weights: 8oz, 10oz and 12oz. 8oz is quite light weight, 10oz is what one would call middle weight and 12oz is clearly heavier. You can recognise ripstop by the rectangular (or diamond) pattern on the canvas. This pattern gives the canvas ability to resist ripping and breaking. In general ripstop is a bit rougher feeling but in light weights (8oz) it gives a good combination of strength and ease of movement. Light weight Has a pattern (rectangular or diamond) Rougher material, but allows lighter weight Cotton canvas Traditionally BJJ pants made of cotton canvas. It’s a more simple material with no clear pattern (as ripstop has) giving it a more sleek look. It is also a softer and more comfortable material. Typically cotton canvas is offered in 10oz and 12oz weights, making them usually more heavier to wear. Traditional BJJ pants material Softer Heavier